Latina Community Voces is a new exhibit designed by middle school Latina/x girls and displayed at the Krannert Art Museum. The program was funded by a Call to Action to Address Racism & Social Justice Research Program. The program is made up of collaborations with the Girls Go For It group and local middle school students. The exhibit is open from May 12 to July 9.

The exhibit makes intentional and explicit efforts to recognize Latina/x girls and afford representation of their histories, stories, languages, and cultures in humanizing and empowering ways. Latina/x girls worked together to imagine, design, and curate an exhibit that represents and honors their aspirati ons, hopes, and stories. In turn, visitors will gain opportunities to build cross-cultural understandings, relationships, and solidarity with Latina/x girls.

“Somos un grupo de mujeres Latinas that have created a great friendship. We came together and created this exhibit so the people can get to know us and our community.  En este exhibit tenemos una pared con language sayings or dichos. We also have a table que contiene un community map. También tenemos un music playlist donde contiene nuestra música Latina. Y por último creamos un recording de un snack-off. ¡Esperamos que lo disfruten!” a description by the participants said.

The project is titled “Our Lives, Our Dreams, Our Voices: Leveraging Community-Based Collaborations to Increase Representation of Latina/x Girls’ Narratives in Museums.”